Vidarbha Stores since the introduction is pioneer in supplying Polyester (PET) Strap of supreme quality. Each batch of our manufacturers raw materials and finished goods goes through extensive tests before clearance. The straps are made on state of the art Italy made plants to ensure best quality

Polyester (Polyethylene Terephthalate) strapping is a alternative of Steel Strap. Now a days Polyester strapping use is being expanding like a revolutionary change over iron strap. Polyester can be used at each of the side where ever iron strap is used.
Benefits of Polyester (PET) Strap are as below :
  • Shock Loading
  • Elasticity
  • Weather Resistance
  • Environment Friendly
  • Easy For Handling
  • Convenient In Storage
  • Safety

We want to prove ourselves by fulfilling your order with full satisfactory result with Quality, Tensile Strength, Break Strength etc. with our highly equipped computerized plants.

   Product Description :
"PET STRAP" Polyester (Polyethylene    Trerephthalate) Strapping is a new alternative of Steel Strap. IT is being increasingly used for strapping medium and heavy loads in place of Steel (Iron) Strapping. It can also be used in place of other Plastic
Straps where high tensile strength is required. "PET STRAP" has been installed a plant to produce Polyester (PET) Strapping ranging in standard width from 9 mm. To 19 mm. and thickness from 0.50 mm. to 1.32 mm. with Quality Assurance by controlling it's quality with the Parameters of Strapping like Tensile Strength, Break Strength, Elongation Percentage in a latest computerized quality control equipments.
  • Quality of steel Strap, Advantages of Plastic Straps
  • Light weight, Uniform Dimention & Extra Meterage
  • Low Elognation and High Retained Tension
  • High Tensile Breaking Strength & Cambre Free Quality
  • Superior Pliability & Product Protection
  • Surface Option - Plain and Textured
  • Extrem Safety and Easy to handle
  • Weather and UV Resistant, Environment Friendly
  • Cost Efficient
  • Alternative Color & Printing Options
  • Iron & Steel Industry: Sheets, Rods, Coils, Pipes, Wires.
  • Cotton Bales, Jutes, Fibres & Yorns, Rubber Industry
  • Palletization: Heavy Cartons , Films Roll, Bags.
  • Refractories, Bricks, Concrete & Construction
  • Float Glass, Sheet Glass & Ceramics Industry
  • Paper, Leather & Textile Industry
  • Lumber and Panel Industry
  • Aluminium Ingots, Heavy Industries
  • Cable Wires Beverages
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