Cotton, natural vegetable fibre of great economic importance as a raw material for cloth. Its widespread use is largely due to the ease with which its fibres are spun into yarns. Cotton's strength, absorbency, and capacity to be washed
and dyed also make it adaptable to a considerable variety of textile products. 
Cotton It’s fashional, natural and versatile.

Cotton is produced by small trees and shrubs which bears the botanical name Gossypium. One or two Weeks after sowing shoots appear and 50 to 80 days later flowering begins. First buds are formed. After three weeks blossoms
appear after blossoming the petals fall of and the offspring or the boll developes. The boll is divided by partision in to 3-5 sections containg seeds. Fibre grows on the seeds. The plant has certainly been grown and used in India for at least 5000 years and probably for much longer. Cotton was used also by the ancient chinese, Egyptians, and North and South Americans.

Successful cultivation of cotton requires a long growing season, plenty of sunshine and water during the period of growth, and dry weather for harvest. It is cultivated in countries with hot climate as India, China ,Egypt, USA, Afganistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan ect.
Cotton producing areas in India are spread throughout the country. Panjab, Hariyana, Rajasthan, Maharastra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh,Andra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are the major cotton producing states.
Cotton is sown around May & June and harvested around sept. to Dec. in different parts of the country
A number of methods, chemical and mechanical, have been used to control weeds and grass, including intensive spraying of herbicide before and after planting. The cultivator, rotary hoe, and flame cultivator are also used to destroy weeds.
Approximately 95 percent of the cotton in the United States is now harvested mechanically with spindle-type pickers or strippers. How ever in India still maximum cotton is harvested by manual plucking.
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